About US.

Not a glimpse of possibility, not a hope of feeling alive, not a taste of fresh air gushing through those lungs which once upon a time made us feels alive. Every morning we wake up to the same boring mellowed weather as we progress through our ride it already feels like we are on a heater. This is the story of Mumbaikar’s who wake up early morning to run or ride around the city. Since the time automobiles and machinery have contributed to a major chunk of pollution in our society. This invention over time has gone overboard and harmed us and our planet in ways which we don’t even know. Over the years our systems have got acquainted to this stale atmosphere.
Everyone has noticed it, but no one has taken an initiative to make a change. Life in this fast lane has put everyone on a back seat as everyone has forgotten about health. The numbers of cars on the road have increased that no one can even think of cycling during peak hours. The rules never favored the breed of cyclist as life went on.

This caught the attention of a few well-wishers of not only Mumbai city, but Mother Nature who then decided to bring in the change. That’s when Zero Emission came into being. An opportunity for like-minded people to get together and grow. To boost their fitness, health and bank balance. The zero emitters also promise you new routes to explore and conduct workshops that make you a better and happy.

This change was bought in by, Digamber Chaudhari , Anuj Phadke Anand Puranik, Chetan Sawant,& Sachin Magare who didn’t ignore nature’s signal.

They make use of the bicycle as much as they can and rely on carpooling or public transport. The emitters are not asking you to ride to work every day not even asking for any funds. All they want you to do is join them every Sunday on a ride and explore the city from a different angle. An angle of a CYCLIST. A way of life they believe that promises memories and good health beyond imagination.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a starter just get that bike out from the junkyard and your one step closer to becoming a zero emitter.